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 Avenue Glass Works specializes in glass installation and repair services in the Brooklyn area and surrounding boroughs. Glass is a multi-faceted material with many design uses. Are you planning to redecorate or renovate your living area? When choosing your glass, Avenue Glass Works ensures that the proper type of glass is installed for your needs and that you will have a surface that is free from defects for many years. 

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As a custom retail glass establishment, our company caters to retail, commercial and also residential properties. We specialize in storefronts, windows, custom sandblast design glass, table tops and much more.

Using our acquired experiences and expertise in the glass industry, we offer comprehensive product consultations to our clients. We can advise you on all things related to glass, from choice of material through desired finish to the final product. We can provide tips on choosing the right color and finish based on your needs, schedule and budget. We can provide information regarding different types of glass such as plexi glass and when it is necessary or not.

Our Products


 Sandblasted, etched, and UV glasses are some of the most popular products. These types of designs usually take about two weeks to procure.When an entire window needs to be replaced, orders usually take approximately two to three weeks.

Two types of safety glasses, namely laminated glass and tempered glass, are usually used by businesses. We can provide your business with both of these. Laminated glass is readily available, while tempered glass is treated and needs to go through a process before being completed. This process usually takes seven to 10 days. Another type of glass that has an additional safety feature is the wire glass, which is fire resistant. This comes in diamond with polished edges, and is usually installed in hallways, balconies, elevators, and front doors for apartment buildings.

Also, we keep a large stock of plate glass, mirror and patterned glass.Large orders for colored glass and mirrors only take about two to three days. We also supply acrylic, non-glare glass and v-groove design glass among many others. A wide array of different thicknesses and colors are available.Since peach glasses are not sold by manufacturers anymore, alternatives such as gray and bronze glasses are offered instead.

Aside from storefronts, windows and the different types of products aforementioned, we also provide shower doors, window screens, storm panels and side-view mirrors.Once you have chosen the right type of glass that fits your requirements and it has been expertly processed and installed, you can be sure that the glass will stand up to be a versatile and reliable building material.

Furthermore, glass can add a designer touch to the interior of your place of work or home.  Create unique room divisions, spruce up existing furniture, brighten up a space or simply upgrade your windows to better insulated, energy-saving ones.

To ascertain the quality of our services, please feel free to visit our gallery page. We work with our clients by offering deposits for any order whether large or small. Free estimates are offered to local residents of Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. Phone orders are accepted, and walk in clients are welcome so please do stop by! We would love to meet you and prepare a customized offer tailor fit to your needs.


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